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Venison Carpaccio

Posted by Cameron McKay on

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"Having year-round hunting means that with a little effort we can usually all keep the freezer well stocked with wild venison. This also means that unless we get a little creative, it’s quite easy to get tired of the same old venison steaks or sausages"

venison carpaccio

With myself being far from a culinary genius, easy to prepare dishes like this make me appear much more sophisticated than I really am.

Carpaccio is essentially just raw meat, but it sounds fancy, looks fancy and particularly if you're a sushi lover like me, you’ll find it tastes bloody amazing.

Best suited to using the more tender cuts like fillet or backstrap, this a great entre or something to go with that cold beverage or red wine at the end of a summers day.

venison carpaccio

The Method

-Crank your pan up really hot with a little oil

-Sear every side of your back strap for about 30 seconds to a minute, the idea here is not to cook it, but to just quickly sear every side.

-Wrap it in foil and place it in the freezer for at least 30 mins to get cold again.

- Slice it as thinly as you can, and present it nicely on a serving board.

-In a dipping bowl pour a good amount of Yamasa Soy Sauce, with wasabi and finely chopped red and green chillies on the side (I’ll often mix up the soy, wasabi and chillies all together, and take this in along with the rest of my food on a drive/fly in trip or out on the boat)

-Serve it with a side of rice and some thinly sliced raw fish like Tuna if you happen to have some.

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