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Companies Worth Checking Out

Here at PointsSouth we don't do low end, we instead focus on bringing you the highest quality gear possible. And we appreciate these businesses that share a similar ethic.


MTN Gear founder Matt is himself a dedicated mountain hunter, and as such is passionate about bringing you - great gear that does not weigh you down.

They have a growing range of rifle accessories are made using world class manufacturing techniques and innovative design.

We believe their products are world leaders in both effectiveness and weight at a price that is similar to that of heavier and less functional products.

It is logical that these products are designed, tested and manufactured in NZ as we have some of the toughest terrain, weather, animals and outdoorsmen and woman in the world to put our products through their paces year round.

Be sure to check them out at

Southern Lakes Safaris

 New Zealand's alpine hunting specialists. If it's a real deal alpine hunt for a big old bull tahr or chamois buck you're after, then get in touch with