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Our Story

It all started with a need and a vision. The need was to have high end apparel designed specifically for hunting, as for many years we had been hunting in apparel designed for mountaineering as this was the only way for us to get super breathable high spec fabrics.

The vision was to sell only high-end trusted brands that we use and abuse ourselves, and to showcase these products by sharing our own experiences through our blog and passion for hunting and photography.

What transpired was that PointsSouth through our partnership with First Lite has now become New Zealand and Australia’s leading supplier of high-end hunting apparel and products. As well as becoming a shared space where we share not only the 3 founders and wider contributors experiences, but also all things happening and important to hunting as we know it. By working collaboratively with many companies and organisations that share a similar set of values and ethics, we are able to help advance the one thing we all know is important. Which is protecting and enhancing our hunting opportunities for our future generations.

It’s this passion for New Zealand public land hunting that drives PointsSouth, and the founders shared vision of encouraging and inspiring new hunters. Also shaping other aspects of our lives with Shaun’s passion for father & son hunting trips through his NZ Wild Things experience, and Cam’s focus on true alpine hunting experiences through Southern Lakes Safaris.

It always was and will remain to be about much more than supplying only the finest in hunting products.

PointsSouth was created by Shaun Monk, Luke Potts and Cam McKay and we are extremely lucky that we have many dedicated hunters and photographers that share the vision and regularly contribute to make PointsSouth what it is today.

We are proud to support and continue to work closely with the following companies and organisations. Hunters for Conservation, New Zealand Tahr Foundation, Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, Mountain Safety Council, Game Animal Council, NZDA, New Zealand Merino Farmers, Twinneedle, NZ Hunter & The Hunters Journal.