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Sika Foundation Game Management - Why?

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 Cover image courtesy of Luke Care @ NZhunter Magazine

They say the definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". This certainly seems to have been the case with New Zealand's approach to game animal management (or lack of) since the 1930's.

Now, with people like Cam Speedy from the Sika Foundation continuing to take a scientific and evidence based approach to management, we have the opportunity to create change, and win win outcomes for conservation and hunting.

The more that we as hunters understand about this and the role we have to play, the better it is for our hunting in general. With better quality meat going in the freezer and better quality trophies on the wall.

If we want better management decisions when it comes to things like tahr culls and WARO, then we all need to understand (DOC included) these fundamentals as well as the wider political, environmental and economic factors at play.

Regardless of whether you're a sika hunter or not, please take the time and check out the huge amount of knowledge being passed on in the below video from Cam Speedy. These principals apply to all of our game animals, and we all want to see a sustainable hunting resource and healthy habitat on our public land for our future generations.

Many thanks to Cam Speedy and The Sika Foundation, you can learn more about them and support them > HERE

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Image courtesy of Luke Care @ NZHunter Magazine
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